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Temperature Current Conditions
Currently Outside: Warmer 0.5°F than last hour.


High Today
5:23 PM
Low Today
12:57 AM
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Overcast, Dry It is Overcast, Dry

Wind from SSW Wind:  SSW

Gusting to:
5.0 mph
Current Rain Rain:
0.38 in
At UV of:
Sunburn in
N/A Minutes
11:03 AM
Outside Now Liquid Precipitation
Dew Point: Increased 0.5°F since last hour. 52.3°F
DewPt Last Hour: Increased 0.5°F since last hour. 0.5°F
Wetbulb: 52.8°F
Humidity: No Change 96%
Humidity Last Hour: No Change 0%
Barometer: Falling 0.044 °F/hr 29.845 inHg
Heat-Index: 53.4°F
Today: 0.38 in
Yesterday: 0.00 in
Last 7 Days: 0.09 in
Sep Rain: 1.98 in
Sep Avg: 4.42 in
Diff from Avg: Under 2.44 in for the month 2.44 in
Season:1 34.24 in
Weather Forecast
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NWS forecast:
WXSIM forecast: Mostly cloudy. Light to moderate fog. Breezy. High 58°. Wind south-southeast around 10 mph, gusting to 18 mph.

NWS forecast:
WXSIM forecast: Mostly cloudy to cloudy. A slight chance of rain in the evening, then a chance of rain after midnight. Precipitation showery or intermittent. Windy. Low 46°. Wind south around 15 mph, gusting to 24 mph, in the evening, becoming west after midnight. Chance of precipitation 50 percent. Precipitation mostly less than a quarter of an inch.

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