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This website was created as a public service for residents and visitors of Pittsburg, NH, and surrounding areas. Our weather station is privately owned and operated, and should not be considered an officially recognized station for weather reporting. Our site and station are both a hobby and experiment in weather-related computing.

johnsnhweather.com is not affiliated with the town of Pittsburg, New Hampshire.

The station is powered by a Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus - weather station. The data is collected every 2.5 seconds and this site is updated every minute. The site  data is collected and calculated using the Weather Display Software System. Snow measuring is done twice per day. The station is comprised of an anemometer, rain gauges, snow measuring equipment, UV and Solar Radiation Sensors, Barometer and a thermo-hydro sensor situated in optimal positions for highest accuracy possible.

Published Data

Site data is shared with the Weather Underground (KNHPITTS1), Anything Weather.com (nh-pittsburg) and the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration's Citizen Weather Observer Program (CW4250). Current weather data is also shared with the international group AWEKAS. Daily Precipitation data is shared with CoCoRaHS, Station number: NH-CS-4, this is an acronym for the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network . Snow measurements are shared with CWOP and NOAA's MADIS system. Summary weather data is shared with the Pittsburg Ridge Runners Snowmobile Club.

EMAIL Weather Report

If you would like to receive a e-mail "Weather Report" from Pittsburg each morning at about 8 AM just send me your e-mail address and I will add it to my list. If you already receive the report and would like to  stop receiving it just e-mail me. The address to use is john@johnsnhweather.com  Please note the subject of the e-mail will read "WEATHER REPORT FROM CW4250" followed by the date and time.

About Pittsburg

Originally known as Indian Stream, Pittsburg is distinguished by having the largest amount of land area of any township. Covering the entire top of the state, the area includes Lake Francis, the three Connecticut Lakes, and the international boundary post erected on the 45th Parallel, halfway between the North Pole and the Equator. For a while, starting in 1832, Pittsburg was home to the Indian Stream Republic, a colony that established its own constitution and separate government. The Indian Stream Republic existed for over four years, then became a part of New Hampshire, and was incorporated with Pittsburg in 1840. The name Pittsburg is in honor of William Pitt, Prime Minister of England.
Pittsburg, New Hampshire Town Seal, Pittsburg, NH Local Government

Pittsburg, NH Population: 859

County: Coos

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