Sun Moon age: 15 days,23 hours,47 minutes,98%
Sunrise: 6:24am
Sunset: 5:31pm
Daylight: 11:07
Moonrise: 6:04pm (27-Feb-2021)
Moonset: 7:27am (28-Feb-2021)
Waning Gibbous
98% Illuminated

First Quarter Moon Full Moon Last Quarter Moon New Moon
First Quarter Moon Full Moon Last Quarter Moon New Moon
Fri, 19-Feb-2021 1:48pm EST
February 19 2021 18:48 UTC
Sat, 27-Feb-2021 3:18am EST
February 27 2021 08:18 UTC
Fri, 05-Mar-2021 8:31pm EST
March 6 2021 01:31 UTC
Sat, 13-Mar-2021 5:22am EST
March 13 2021 10:22 UTC

Vernal Equinox
Start of Spring
Summer Solstice
Start of Summer
Autumn Equinox
Start of Fall
Winter Solstice
Start of Winter
Start of Spring First day of Summer First day of Fall First day of Winter
Sat, 20-Mar-2021 5:38am EDT
March 20 2021 09:38 UTC
Sun, 20-Jun-2021 11:33pm EDT
June 21 2021 03:33 UTC
Wed, 22-Sep-2021 3:22pm EDT
September 22 2021 19:22 UTC
Tue, 21-Dec-2021 11:00am EST
December 21 2021 16:00 UTC

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