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Most of the GNWR's trail system is located on 8,000 acres of the Perry Stream Land and Timber Co., between Indian Stream and Perry Stream in Pittsburg, NH.  The approximately 80 miles of trails range from graveled roads to tight woods trails with some muddy areas.  A few run beside Perry Stream and Indian Stream providing nice views and opportunities to do a little fishing.

    The club is trying to obtain more trails that will connect its existing system to other areas of the "North Country".   Your help would be greatly appreciated.  Please join the GNWR by printing the Membership Application and sending it in with you membership dues.



    This map will be undergoing updates and changes as the trail system evolves.  Click on the thumbnail view below to see the current map.

File Size Is Approximately 1.3MB

Map 4.jpg (711565 bytes)

Use of the Topo 5.0 mapping software output is generously provided by:

Two DeLorme Drive
P.O. Box 298
Yarmouth, ME 04096

Online at: http://www.delorme.com

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Park at the trail head on Back Lake Road. 

The pictures above from left to right are my wife and I enjoying our trail system, Trudy climbing one of our hills  and the third one is my grandson helping with the mapping of the trails last summer. The last three pictures are of my Rhino with my new Yamaha snow plow.



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