Weather Alerts for Interior Cumberland ME

Issued by the National Weather Service

Coastal Flood Watch  COASTAL FLOOD WATCH   Coastal Flood Watch

Areas Affected:
Coastal Cumberland
Effective: Fri, 4/3 5:00am Updated: Thu, 4/2 6:15am Urgency: Future
Expires: Fri, 4/3 9:00am Severity:  Moderate  Certainty: Possible

* WHAT...Minor flooding is possible during the Friday morning
high tide cycle due to the combination of prolonged northeast
winds and building seas.
* WHERE...Coastal Cumberland County.
* WHEN...From late tonight through Friday morning.
* TIDAL FLOOD IMPACTS...Flooding of low-lying vulnerable
locations near the waterfront is possible in some low lying
areas. Flooding may occur along parking lots, parks and roads
with only isolated road closures expected.
* WAVE IMPACTS...Moderate beach erosion with considerable erosion
of protected dune structures due to large breaking waves is
possible. Splash-over may lead to ponding of water behind dune
structures and result in some flooding of roads and vulnerable
structures. Small rocks associated with splash-over may result
in damage to passing vehicles or pedestrians.
Time of high total tides are approximate to the nearest hour.
Portland ME
MLLW Categories - Minor 12.0 ft, Moderate 13.0 ft, Major 14.0 ft
MHHW Categories - Minor 2.3 ft, Moderate 3.3 ft, Major 4.3 ft
Total      Total    Departure
Day/Time    Tide       Tide     from Norm   Waves    Flood
ft MLLW    ft MHHW       ft       ft      Impact
--------  ---------  ---------  ---------  -------  --------
02/06 AM    10.2        0.5        1.2        3       None
02/07 PM    10.0        0.3        2.0        3       None
03/07 AM    11.9        2.2        2.7        7       None
03/08 PM    10.7        1.0        2.2       6-7      None
04/08 AM    11.4        1.7        1.7        5       None
04/09 PM     9.7       -0.0        0.6        4       None

If travel is required, allow extra time as some roads may be
closed. Do not drive around barricades or through water of
unknown depth. Take the necessary actions to protect flood-prone

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