Weather Alerts for Coastal Rockingham NH

Issued by the National Weather Service

Special Weather Statement  SPECIAL WEATHER STATEMENT   Special Weather Statement

Areas Affected:
Belknap - Cheshire - Coastal Rockingham - Eastern Hillsborough - Interior Rockingham - Merrimack - Northern Carroll - Northern Coos - Northern Grafton - Southern Carroll - Southern Coos - Southern Grafton - Strafford - Sullivan - Western And Central Hillsborough
Effective: Thu, 10/19 3:16am Updated: Thu, 10/19 12:30pm Urgency: Expected
Expires: Thu, 10/19 6:15pm Severity: Minor Certainty: Observed

...Elevated Fire Weather Potential This Afternoon...
Dry conditions persist with an overall lack of rainfall across
the region. Southwest winds will increase to 10 to 20 mph with
highest gusts possible this afternoon. These winds will coincide
with many areas across New Hampshire and adjacent westernmost
Maine having relative humidity values in the 30 to 40 percent
range. These conditions, in combination with very little rainfall
recently, will lead to elevated fire weather potential this
Very dry conditions are possible on Friday as well under
northwest breezes.

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