Current Month Records

Data collected since 05/01/2018


Temperature Records

Highest Temperature 78.3°F 5/2/2018
Lowest Temperature 26.0°F 5/12/2018
Highest Heat Index 78.3°F 5/2/2018
Lowest Wind Chill 20.2°F 5/11/2018
Warmest Day (6am - 6pm) 69.3F 25-May-2018
Warmest Night (6pm - 6am) 63.1F 26-May-2018
Coldest Day (6am - 6pm) 38.8F 11-May-2018
Coldest Night (6pm - 6am) 32.4F 12-May-2018

Wind Records

Maximum Wind Gust 30.0 mph 5/5/2018
Highest Average Speed 15.8 mph 5/10/2018
Highest Daily Wind Run 101.2 miles 5/10/2018

Precipitation Records

Highest Daily Precipitation 0.85 in 5/3/2018
Highest Precipitation Rate 0.100 in/min 5/20/2018
Consecutive Days With Precipitation 8 Days Ending: 5/1/2018
Consecutive Days Without Precipitation 9 Days Ending: 5/15/2018

Humidity Records

Highest Humidity 100% 5/1/2018
Lowest Humidity 19% 5/13/2018
Highest Dewpoint 60.5°F 5/26/2018
Lowest Dewpoint 21.7°F 5/13/2018

Barometer Records

Highest Barormeter 30.406 inHg 5/18/2018
Lowest Barometer 29.379 inHg 5/4/2018

Sun Records

Highest Solar Radiation 1361.0 W/m² 5/11/2018
Highest UV 10.7 5/20/2018

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